The Cyber Safety courses will teach you about bullying, online safety, privacy, and sharing of contents.
You will learn how to make smart choices in your digital life – and remember choices online are choices in real life too!

  • Be a Buddy Not a Bully

    Tam Tamaraw is being bullied by the Lizzards Gang. They bully him at school and online. How can Tam Tamaraw deal with the bullying? What should he do? In this interactive e-learning module, you will learn about the different types of bullying and what to do about it.


  • Add Friends Not Strangers

    Betty Butterfly has received a lot of new friend requests after signing up to different social media sites. Some of the friend requests come from strangers, whom Betty has never met before. Should Betty accept all of them? Should she ever meet any of them in real-life? In this interactive e-learning module, you will learn how to stay safe while having fun online.


  • Some Things Are Not Worth Sharing

    Sharing is a good thing. But some things are not worth sharing. Help Cam Chameleon and his friends learn in this interactive e-learning module what things are safe to share online and what things are not safe to share online.